Fil-Am family racially attacked by SF tech CEO says public apology did not seem genuine

CARMEL, CA — A July 4th video taken by a young Fil-Am has since gone viral.

Jordan Chan’s family was in a restaurant in Carmel, Calif. — celebrating the birthday of her aunt — when out of nowhere, and with no provocation this man began hurling racial insults at them.

Raymond Orosa, who is married to the birthday celebrant, talked to ABS-CBN News about their horrific experience.

Orosa, who has lived in the U.S. with his wife for 26 years, said he’s never experienced this type of hate.

“We just wanted him out. I was worried for the safety of my family and everybody’s family, for that matter.”

As they were being attacked, a waitress could then be heard coming to the defense of Orosa’s family.

Orosa said the waitress, another guest and he himself made sure the attacker was escorted out.

“We did it in a non-violent manner. We weren’t trying to provoke a fight or anything.'”

The attacker has since been identified as Michael Lofthouse, a CEO of Solid8, a San Francisco-based tech company.

What’s ironic is that Lofthouse is also an immigrant himself — from the United Kingdom.

After receiving flak for his actions, Lofthouse sent his apologies through ABC 7 news — calling his behavior in the video appalling.

He said, “this was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments.”

He added that he was taught to respect people of all races and that he will use the time to reflect on his actions.

Per reports, Lofthouse’s company has been receiving threats since the incident.

For the Filipino family he attacked, Lofthouse’s public apology did not seem genuine.

“I think he was advised to give the apology just to protect himself from it. Does he mean it? In my opinion, no, he doesn’t. It shows with his actions. His actions speak louder than the words he said.”

Since the video of the attack was posted on Instagram on July 5th, it’s been viewed close to 667,000 times.

Orosa said that he is happy his niece took the video because he wants it to be a learning moment for people.

“Help each other in a non-violent kind of way. Telling people that Michael Lofthouse exists and that we should be careful. And the bigger the circle of safety becomes the better we can protect each other.”

Orosa also took the time to praise the waitress and staff of Bernardus Lodge and Spa who spoke up in their defense.

The restaurant management said the incident was “unfortunate” and also praised staff for their handling of the situation.

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