Fil-Am family opens home to Baby Cloe for duration of burn treatments

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Marites Dumpai is comforted by her fellow kababayans as she received the good news of the successful operation of her two-year-old daughter Cloe who was suffering from a burn accident.

The Shriners and the Golden State Lions Club have come together to help Marites and her child.

And while the Shriners are heading the medical procedures, the Golden State Lions Club has provided Marites and Cloe a home while in the U.S.

“The responsibility of the Golden State Lions is to house them, help them with financial needs, and provide moral support,” said Caroline Kang, a director of the Golden State Lions Club.

Lynn Mitchell was approached by her father, a Lions Club member, about being the host family for Marites and baby Cloe.

“I said let me call you back in five minutes and see how my family agrees to that and they did,” said Lynn. Her husband Greg adds, “how could you say no?”

The Mitchells say they are happy to have Marites and Cloe in their home and they are doing everything to make sure they are comfortable.

“I think they’ve been enjoying staying at the house,” said Greg. “Cloe, we have her going on strolls with us and the dog and she just loves getting outside.”

Lynn adds, “Within a day she got used to being held by me, then followed by my husband, then followed by everyone who came to the house and visited and donated clothes and toys.”

Marites says, “I’m very happy because they are there to help me. I’m very thankful for the two of them because they took me in and took care of me. At first I didn’t know I was going to live there. I was shy and now I can say I am very thankful.”

Lynn and Greg said they are happy to be part of the community that is helping Marites and baby Cloe.

“It feels good,” said Lynn. “You could really see it takes a village. Everyone is helping out. It’s not just us. It’s everybody doing their share.”

The Shriners and the Golden State Lions Club hope that baby Cloe and her mother Marites will be the first of many families from the Philippines they can help while they receive treatment at the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

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