Fil-Am families make gingerbread ‘bahay kubo’ huts for the holidays

Los Angeles — It’s that time of the year for families and loved ones to spend special moments together.

For Julie Cruz, it’s an opportunity to teach the younger generation of Filipino Americans about history and heritage, especially through her Instagram page FilAmFam.

The stay-at-home mom started the social media page a few months ago, with the goal of creating unique events for the community.

“We’re here to help spread awareness to Filipino culture, and we want to build a community of Filipino American families that are seeking to cultivate their connection to Filipino roots and culture, and our mission is to honor and preserve our heritage for the next generation.” 

She does it by collaborating with different communities and businesses.

On this day, at the Spoon and Pork restaurant, it was all about the spirit of Christmas or Pasko, where folks got the chance to build Christmas lanterns or parols and gingerbread houses, reminiscent of Philippine huts. These bahay kubos were created by Creme Carmel bakeshop and Manila Oriental supermarket.

“That’s what we’re all about, promoting the Filipino American community, helping small businesses and just building that community so we can support each other.”

For these parents, trying to build this gingerbread bahay kubo was a throwback to their childhood in the Philippines.

“I grew up making bahay kubos out of popsicle sticks so to actually have someone create gingerbread. It’s amazing, it’s really cool it brings us closer to the culture during the holidays.”

For others, it was a chance to be introduced to the Filipino culture.

All ethnicities were welcome — and there was definitely no age limit here.

 For her part, Cruz plans on doing more events centered around different holidays. And as participants enjoyed building these gingerbread bahay kubos, she hopes that in her own way, she’s also helping build the community.

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