Fil-Am elected officials and police hold successful gun buyback event in Daly City

DALY CITY — As the country continues to bicker over what they should do with guns — whether strengthen gun laws, or arm everyone with guns — police and elected officials here in Daly City, California are doing something about it.

These were just some of the various kinds of weapons that were turned in as part of Daly City’s gun buyback program.

According to the city’s Fil-Am Mayor Juslyn Manalo, 207 weapons were taken off the street due to this program.

This was Daly City’s second time holding a gun buy-back and it seemed people were anxious to get their guns off their hands.

“We had to start early because the line was so backed up and it was starting to block traffic. So I’m very impressed,” said Councilman Glenn Sylvester.

Held in the parking lot of the Daly City hall, the collection of guns was carefully coordinated by police in conjunction with officers from Colma and Pacifica.

Those who turned in handguns, shotguns, or rifles received $100, while those who turned in California-defined assault rifles received $200.


Elected officials and the police say they were most pleased with the community response to the program.

“If we change the life or help save one person’s life, this event is totally worth it. But I think overall, as a community coming together and saying no to gun violence, getting rid of unused or guns that are in their houses that they do not want, is a great community connection between us and Daly City, and the surrounding area,” said police Sgt. Ron Harrison.

With the success of this gun buy-back, city officials plan to hold similar events in the near future.

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