Fil-Am Eagles cheerleader will dance at Sunday’s Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots and are not the only squads appearing at this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Both the Eagles’ cheerleaders and their Patriots counterparts will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to perform in front of millions of viewers.

Allegra Bermudez, a 21-year old Filipino-American cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles is so expected to be part of this big event.

She’s just in her first year on the squad and she truly feels blessed to go to the Super Bowl.

Bermudez told BA that she and the girls on the squad have been busy practicing.

“Among the cheerleaders, it’s a lot of support coming from each other because none of us had gone to the Super Bowl before so a lot of the support comes from each other,” said Bermudez.

She gave this advice to young girls who want to become NFL cheerleaders someday.

“The only advise I would give them is to never aim too high, chase that dream until you get that dream. I never thought I would be in this position until I put myself out there and I made it.”

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