Fil-Am doctor makes history at SF Bay Area hospital

DALY CITY, Calif. – Seton Hospital is Daly City’s largest employer that’s located in an area with a big Filipino population.

And now for the first time since it was found in 1893 a kababayan has been appointed as Seton’s new Medical Chief of Staff.

Dr. Herminigildo Valle, originally from Davao City, is Seton’s first Filipino and first Asian American Chief of Staff.

Dr. Valle holds a medical degree from Far Eastern University in Manila and held residencies and internships in New York and in the Philippines.

He is also a U.S. Air Force reservist who holds the prestigious rank of Colonel and is an Operation Desert Storm veteran.

“I think it’s high time that the cultural diversity should show itself and whether if you’re Filipino or not Filipino you should be able to feel that you are as capable, as accepted, as accountable as everybody else in this community,” said Dr. Valle.

Dr. Valle’s is confident in bringing changes and improvements during his time as Chief of Staff:

“My main goal is to unify the vision to deliver the care that is number one that’s safe, number two that’s effective meaning there’s an evidence based way of treating things,” expressed Dr. Valle. “We follow a certain method and protocols that are scientifically proven. It should be efficient. Efficient in a way that we have limited resources so it’s important we don’t use excess resources on particular illnesses we are treating or just use appropriate amount of resources on any particular case we are treating. Everybody should receive the same amount of appropriate care whether they’re male, female, old, young. It should be a fair and just care.”
Seton is one of six hospitals being sold due to financial instability by its current owner Daughters of Charity.

Dr. Valle supports the sale of the hospital system to Prime Healthcare System and is confident the hospitals stay open.

“Prime healthcare has turned around 29 hospitals,” said Dr. Valle. “They never closed any hospital. They’ve turned them around. These are financially distressed hospitals.”

Dr Valle’s letter to the Attorney General

After over 30 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Valle’s continues to have a strong passion for his job.

“I feel I’m blessed and I feel I can,” said Dr. Valle. “Every day I wake up it’s another day, another opportunity. Every opportunity that comes is a great thing to do.”

Dr. Valle will represent Seton at a public hearing with California Attorney General Kamala Harris to support the purchase of the hospital system from Prime Healthcare.

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