Fil-Am DJ and his ailing dog spend dog’s last days traveling US together

NEW YORK CITY – From the concrete jungle of his East Coast hometown to the oceans of the West Coast touching his paws for the first time – “Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure” on Instagram has gone viral.

More than 36,000 netizens have been following Poh on instagram since his first posting last March.

Fil-Am disc jockey Neil Rodriguez, more popularly known as DJ Neil Armstrong, took his aging mixed Labrador named Poh on a bucket list trip to spend his remaining dog days traveling across the US.

“He has a softball-size tumor on his liver and he also has multiple tumors in his kidneys. We found that out late February,” Rodriguez said. “Pretty much immediately after, we decided to go on the dogs big adventure.”

New York born-and-raised DJ Neil is known for his “Dinner and a Mixtape Series,” as rapper Jay-Z’s former official tour DJ, and for being the global ambassador for Adidas.

Nearly 16 years ago, DJ Neil adopted Poh from an animal shelter and the two hit it off instantly.

Poh is now 15 years old, that’s about 105 in dog years.

Neil had to adjust his globetrotting career after Poh’s cancer diagnosis.

“I just didn’t want to leave my dog. If he passed away while I was gone that would be kind of devastating. Especially since I knew at that point that he had a limited time to live,” he said.

Three months ago, a one-show gig in Phoenix, Ariz. turned into a 35-city tour around the US. That’s when Poh the dog’s big adventure began.

“Go on adventures with their dog like, while they can. I wish I was able to do this with my dog when I didn’t have to put him in his cart and he was older. I wish I was able to just let him run like crazy in the ocean. Unfortunately, that’s not how my timing worked out,” Rodriguez said.

When Poh was having stomach problems during the tour, an Instagram user came to the rescue.

“IG user Mrs. Metajive — she suggested like slippery elm, psyllium husk, that stuff in metamucil. Ok, we’ll try it. And true enough it solidified his stool like that and made the trip bearable,” Rodriguez said. “It’s really nice to see all these people following Poh and it’s a bittersweet story.”

Poh the dog’s big adventure is not just about a dying dog’s “wish come true.”

“You just got to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, in a bigger grand scheme, everyone’s gonna die. It’s just what you do with your life while your living,” he said. “Let’s go and enjoy the world and give this guy some experience that I’ll get to remember for the rest of my life.”

When the time comes, DJ Neil says he and Poh had made enough memories together to last a lifetime.

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