Fil-Am designer’s “Northern Lights” national costume impresses Miss Iceland

In Miss Universe news, Miss Iceland Elísabet Hylda Snorradóttir could not contain her excitement during her first fitting for her national costume designed by Fil-Am Kirsten Regalado. 

In videos shared by Regalado to BA, the designer explained that the lights on the gown represent Iceland’s famous Aurora Borealis, while the headpiece represents a raven enjoying the northern lights. 

Regalado said the unlit back of the gown represents the coming of dark winter in Iceland.  

Regalado’s husband, who’s a surgeon, played an important role in the making of miss Iceland’s national costume.

“My husband, he was really the one who sewed the final version before we endorsed it to Iceland and to Miss Universe,” she explained. “It was like we were in the emergency room. Our team was around the gown, holding the flashlight while my husband was sewing it.  It was like he was suturing the lights. 

Regaldo said it took over three months and 10 people to create the garment.


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