Fil-Am Dems agree Clinton won 2nd debate, Trump improved performance

We go to Union, N.J. where Filipino Americans, mostly registered Democrats, gathered at a debate watching party. Don Tagala was there to get their reactions to Sunday night’s presidential debate.


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  • Mario
    11 October 2016 at 2:04 am - Reply

    Knock out win by Trump, the turning point last night debate when Trump said to Hillary “YOU WILL BE IN JAIL” audience went crazy, Trump was able to turn the table into his favor.After that Hillary on the defensive. Watch YOUTUBE”Second Presidential debate”
    The sad part was,the Parting words from Hillary said to Trump, “Trump has an incredible children”.Trump smile and responded to her “Thanks for the compliment, Hillary does not quit, and never give-up” If you analyzed the parting words from Hillary which mean a sign of surrender,That is why Trump smile with a sad face, she is telling Trump if you are elected as President “Dont put me to jail, our children and your children are close friends.” And Trump countered don’t quit, never give-up,Trump knew that OBAMA will delay the election or no election if Hillary will quit and put in Michelle to run.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    12 October 2016 at 6:41 am - Reply

    When it comes to Hillary Clinton, Filipinos and FilAms alike are EASILY misled…young or old, I just don’t understand??? Not so much that she can give straight and clear answers, but my close observation is that aunt Hillary is really good in telling people what they want to hear…Isn’t that the reality folks? For example, Filipinos and FilAms are so deeply rooted into this illegal immigration, we entertain and support aunt Hillary’s immigration reform package…we all know it’s all lie because congress still need to vote on that? What happened to Obama’s DACA/DAPA, it was shutdown by congress? We’re so blind or deaf that the real solutions to immigration issues is Trump…no more, no less…