Fil-Am Congressman from CA says “Salamat po” to Filipino community

His victory was the last called among hundreds of house races in the country, but TJ Cox is making history by being the first Filipino American Congressman representing one of California’s districts.

“We have won.”

This was the big announcement of Fil-Am Democratic congressional candidate TJ Cox, who declared victory on Wednesday against three-term Republican representative David Valadao.

The contest in California’s 21st district was the country’s last undecided congressional race.

If his victory holds, Cox would become the first Filipino to hold a u-s congressional seat in California — the state with the largest number of Filipinos.

More than three weeks ago — on Election Day — Cox trailed behind Valadao by about 5,000 votes. Valadao then declared victory with multiple news outlets calling the race in his favor.

But since then, Cox has picked up votes and as of Wednesday, was leading by more than 500 votes.

Votes are still being counted in Fresno and Kern counties — but those areas have favored Cox in post-election day updates, which led Cox to declare that the race was over.

Cox issued a statement on Twitter applauding the efforts of thousands of people — saying, “Our communities came together and made this possible.”

On his first television interview since his victory was officially called on Tuesday evening, Cox tells BA that he would not be standing on the steps of his new office building on Capitol Hill without the Filipino American votes.

Cox is in Washington DC getting ready to take on his new job representing California’s 21st District.

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  • Maria Gloria Guinto
    10 May 2019 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    How to get hold of our congresswoman.Iam a victim of Racial Discrimination in Vacaville Ca.It was suggested by Pinoy Gonzalez of Chief Editor Philippine International Broadcasting to speak to the newly elected Filipino Congresswoman.Please call me at 4155747195

    I filed a complaint to Vacaville Police and the City of Vacaville regarding a false arrest after two drug addict neighbors attack and hurt me inside the unit Apt.My son and I was traumatize cause police never arrested the one who assaulted us but instead they arrested me,put me in jail for five days and my son with CPS.They accused me that I did false imprisoned the old lady who in drugs inside our home.
    Police never believe my statements they never arrested the two and now facing hardship and son is also in state of distress.

    Am single mother….can anyone please let the Congressman knows that we are pleading and asking mercy to help us.

    Maria Guinto
    2100 Garnet Circle
    415 5747195

    1 August 2019 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Im desperately seeking the help and attention of Fil Am Congressman TJ COx.

    I’m being WRONGFULLY ACCUSED & PERSECUTED.I been discriminated & victim of racism.

    I would like to sit and talk this matters to our elected Congressman TJ Cox,hoping that a single mother can be given fair Justice,before it’s too late.An appointment meeting is very much appreciated.They schedule a hearing Aug 15 and Aug 21 8:30 paying the crime I didn’t commit ochestrated by Police Officers.