Fil-Am Democrat campaigns for New York congressional election

NEW YORK — Filipino American Melquiades “Mel” Gagarin is running for a seat in U.S. Congress.

“We’re living in the most dangerous time in American history. I’ve been saying that pretty much at the beginning of the campaign, and I think it has been reinforced by what we’re witnessing right now in the midst of this coronavirus crisis.”

Gagarin was born and raised in Elmhurst, New York, to a Puerto Rican mother and a Filipino father.

The 37-year-old Fil-Am candidate believes Congress needs more people from working-class immigrant backgrounds.

“Having working class immigrant parents really instilled in me like a sense of service and selflessness, it shaped my experiences growing up.”

As the economy takes a beating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this progressive Democrat said he supports former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s universal basic income, or UBI, to help families make ends meet.

Gagarin said, a UCI dividend combined with a moratorium on rent, mortgage and loans could give people the help they need.

“We have a lot of stimulus checks being passed that are very similar to the ubi experiments that I have been talking about… now we are seeing these progressive policies, progressive ideas.”

But before he could fulfill his plans for the community, the community organizer and policy adviser needs to win the Democratic primary and beat incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Grace Meng to represent New York’s District 6.

“When you look at what progressive policy position have been open, over the past decade she hasn’t come through on those things.”

Gagarin, who calls himself the “true progressive alternate,” has been inspired by prominent progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders.

“No one’s gonna be more progressive than I am in this race right now in my congressional district.”

The Democratic primary elections in New York is scheduled on June 23rd.

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  • Mario
    16 April 2020 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    June 23 NY primary election, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of Brooklyn is unopposed. During the Task Force briefing TRUMP told DR.FAUCI of NIH to face AOC. The main Stream media edited that speech by TRUMP.