Fil-Am delivery driver lives out his dream as pro-wrestler

DALY CITY — While life’s journey didn’t take John Redito to the wrestling ring, he never stopped believing.

During the day, John Redito is pursuing a masters degree in physical therapy, while getting his side hustle on working for a delivery company.

But when the ropes are up and the lights dim, he becomes “Johnny Dynamo, the Philippine Dream.”
At the sound of the bell, it’s non-stop action for Bay Area-based All-Pro Wrestling.

The 30-year-old kinesiology major has been wrestling for 6 years now, but long before he graduated from Sacramento state university, he idolized pro wrestlers.

“Everyone was popular. Triple H, Stonecold Steve Austin, Mankind, Kane, you name it every wrestlers was bigger than life personalities. And I said I want to do that when I’m a whole lot older. I was 10 years old and about 14 years later I’ve been blessed to even find a ring to train in to receive my tutelage.”

The name “The Philippine Dream” is one he earned during his high school football days, and the robe and wine are just a couple bits that he rolls with while dishing and receiving bumps and bruises.

“A huge part of being successful, in making your mark in pro wrestling is to be different from everyone else.”

And while World Wrestling Entertainment has had some Pinoy pride in Batista and Mega TJ Perkins, the Filipino dream has been making moves with fellow Pinoys Shotzi Blackheart and Matt Carlos for APW.

Redito wrestles almost every week mostly throughout Northern California, and win or lose in the ring, the Philippine dream has proven to be a champion when it comes to chasing his dream.

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