Fil-Am defends Duterte’s comments on Obama, US

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Attorney Adnan Alonto, overall North America coordinator for the Brotherhood for Duterte USA, says he is not disappointed with President Duterte’s comments.

“I think President Duterte really wanted to drive home the point that he will pursue an independent foreign policy for the Philippines,” said Alonto. “Our strategic interest in the region will keep us together and the incident will, I believe, will just be a small footnote in the years to come.”

Alonto says the media is only focused on Duterte’s choice of words instead of what was really being said.

“He did not actually curse Obama but it was part of a narrative in answer to a hypothetical question if Obama was to raise the extrajudicial issue,” said Alonto.

Alonto agrees that President Duterte could use a better choice of words; however, he was overall proud of what he said.

“The important thing in that statement was that he was really being empathic of being a leader of a sovereign nation and he would not be told how to run his country,” he said.

Attorney Alonto says he is disappointed that President Duterte and President Obama did not meet; however, he is confident that they will have a productive engagement when they finally do.

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  • Mario
    6 September 2016 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    Duterte, you talk like Trump “a lose cannon” but Trump learned fast, he talk a little bit Presidential now, Duterte you are elected as the President, act Presidential and more maturity on your speeches. “MAKE THE PH DRUG-FREE AGAIN”. “Duterte, 2400 drug dealers, pushers already killed, until now drug is still rampant. Marcos killed only ONE drug lord named LIM SENG, it was a sunrise, open to the public, executed via Army firing squad at Fort Bonifacio, then warned all drug lords to stop and leave the country within one month. PH became DRUG-FREE for long, long years.I know you want to duplicate his record. When Cory took over being a Chinese roots, Chinese drug lords came back and drug business flourished ,until his son PNOY took over and made his 5 trusted Generals to computerized drug operation like a a Cartel and DOJ De Lima run a drug manufacturing inside Bilibid Prison. The drug operation was so organised from top to barangay level, that even small barrio they sell drugs to the elementary students. Go, go, go, Duterte, save the children.