This Filipina Dreamer continues her work as a frontliner, as Supreme Court rules to keep DACA in place

She got her doctorate in physical therapy 8 months ago, and for the past three months, Dr. Veronica Velasquez has been on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Patients with COVID really need physical therapy. They get weak and their condition deteriorates rather quickly so we need to get in there and help these patients.”

As she documents her daily routine on her Instagram at @thisptlife, Velasqeuz is also showing that despite coming to this country as an undocumented youth, she’s willing to fight for her patients.

Velasquez has been a recipient of the Obama-era immigration relief DACA program — allowing her to finish her doctorate and legally work at a hospital.

“DACA recipients are here to provide for the community. We’re here to help in any way that we can. That’s the reason why we came here for more opportunities, so this is my way of fighting against the system that always tries to block us.”

The recent weeks have been stressful for Velasquez and hundreds of thousands of other so-called Dreamers — as they anxiously waited for the Supreme Court decision on DACA.

But they can now breathe a huge sigh of relief.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration from ending the program.

“It’s still here, I still get to work and I don’t have fear of deportation, at this time I’m going to utilize that privilege.”

As a victory lap, Velasquez went straight to work, determined to set an example of what Dreamers are capable of.

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    19 June 2020 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    SC REJECTED TRUMP bid to end DREAMERs. DACA to remain, what does it mean, 700K DACA recipients have a path to Citizenship. PATH to CITIZENSHIP means 10-20 yrs of waiting in order to become a Citizen. I am not a LAWYER, this is my experience. Took me 18 yrs, cost me ($45K-$60K)(Me and 1child) to get a GREEN CARD(immigrant)…GCard expire every 10 yrs, after 5 years with GCard, you are qualified to file US Naturalization and become a Citizen, then you can VOTE. My advice; DACA work hard, save your money, find the way to renew your Work permit on your own. WAIT for CONGRESSIONAL BILL for DREAMERs, that allows you to convert into a GCard(Permanent Residence, & called IMMIGRANT). REMEMBER, OBAMA regime, Congress tried to pass a Congressional BILL for DACA, but his DEMS FAILED 10 times. Then TRUMP came in, added 1.8M (DACA+DAPA, illegal Alien), FAILED, the DEMS double Cross DACA again, killed the bill for the 12th times. Then TRUMP throws it to the court.SC said, to go to the legal process, means Congress should work together, will start all over again. TRUMP’s new political campaign is; vote more Republican in the House and Senate in 2020, to have future on Dreamers for a Congressional Bill.