Fil-Am convicted of killing SD cop gets life sentence

by Balitang America Staff

September 24, 2013

SAN DIEGO–A Filipino American convicted of killing a police officer has relieved a life sentence in prison. Twenty-nine-year-old Alex Chaurfauros was sentenced to 85 years to life in prison, plus an additional 11 years of state prison for the 2010 shooting death of San Diego police officer Christopher Wilson. 

He was also convicted of several attempted murder counts. 

Prosecutors say during a home search on Chaurfauros, he told police that there were no guns or drugs in the home, however when police found armed men in one of the rooms, a shoot out ensued, leading to Wilson’s death. 

Chaurfauros was on probation at the time of the shooting. 

Chaurfauros’ friends who were involved in the shoot out also received prisonsentences of over 20 years. Two other suspects who were in Chaufauros’ home at the time of the shooting were also found dead with self inflicted gunshot wounds. 

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  • jorge buesa
    24 September 2013 at 11:23 pm - Reply

    That’s what happen if you kill a cop in America, the law in America is don’t kill a cop or you will either spend you life in jail and die in jail or they will sentence you to die ? Good for him America is not like philippines, in America you do the crime you do the time ! He’s going to die in jail !