Fil-Am congressmen among House Democrats who voted to formalize impeachment probe into President Trump

Congress now has a road map for impeaching President Donald Trump. The House of Representatives has voted almost directly along party lines on Tuesday last week, to formalize the process of moving forward.

Among those who voted for the resolution are Fil-Am congressmen TJ Cox of California and Bobby Scott of Virginia.

Political science professor Alain Sanders told BA the resolution is not constitutionally necessary but politically, it’s useful.

“It’s a democratic decision that this has now moved on to a phase where they can publicize this and in part it’s a response to the Republican claim that so far this has been secret and in their view, unfair proceedings.”

The resolution calls for open hearings and requires the house intel committee to submit a report outlining its findings and recommendations.

It’s a political chess game that Sanders said Pelosi and the democrats are hoping to win.

“One of the things that she and her colleagues hopes is that the evidence will be so overwhelmingly detrimental to the president, that although it may not result in a conviction, in an impeachment conviction, it will alter the political climate and will lead to an election result, and remember we are only about a year away from the general election for the president, it will so convince the American public that President Trump will leave office, perhaps not as a result of the impeachment but as a result of the electoral process.”

As the political drama unfolds in Washington D.C, some Fil-Am college students at Seton Hall University in New Jersey meanwhile, shared similar sentiments as what many Americans have been saying.

A poll released on Friday done by ABC and Washington Post, shows that the public is still divided — 49 percent for and 47 percent against on whether Congress should impeach Trump and remove him from office.

Meanwhile, the impeachment investigation continues.

Democrats want to hear from two White House lawyers — and former national security adviser John Bolton.

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  • Mario
    4 November 2019 at 10:38 am - Reply

    Impeachment formally voted on by House Democrat, long period of Impeachment Inquiry resulted gain on Democrat popularity, but little bit poll Decrease on Trump.His strategy is to use Impeachment to his advantage.New campaign technique started in Mississippi rally last Friday and today Monday campaign rally in Kentucky.Trump popularity will be tested Tuesday on 2 Governatorial election. Trump strong points is the booming economy, Stock Market on record high in US history. DOW of 27,497 means the value of business that Trump brought in since he got elected is $10.5 TRILLION. 401K earnings on record high,Onced Trump elected on Nov 8,consumers confidence went up that stock market from 18,000 accelerated an never look back.IMPEACHMENT is the last ditch of the Democrat-Media to removed TRUMP from office. They knew they cannot beat him in the ballot box.It is possible,the DNC super delegate will select HClinton as their candidate, because DEMS nominee has no chance to beat Trump.