Fil-Am Congressman slams Trump’s executive actions on healthcare

President Donald Trump issued two executive orders on Tuesday promising to deliver better healthcare, lower costs, and offer more choices for Americans. But House Health Committee members, including Fil-Am Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia, blasted Trump’s moves as a “shameless election year stunt”. Lenn Almadin-Thornhill reports.

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  • Mario
    26 September 2020 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    TRUMP promised to repeal the ACA(Affordable Care Act) known as OBAMACARE. on July 2017, Trump failed by just ONE vote, Jonh McCain betrayed his party voted for the Dems. OBAMACARE remains until now.TRUMP passed the TAX CUT and JOB ACT of 2017, which eliminate for violating the Individual Mandate. This was the mistake of the WH on the 2018 election. Failed to explain to the voters the meaning of INDIVIDUAL MANDATE, it means if you fail to pay the monthly premium on OBAMACARE, it is a financial penalty, the IRS is involved to collect. TRUMP remove this mandate. Another mistake by WH in 2018, the Media and Democrat campaigned that TRUMP will NOT give a medical INSURANCE(OBAMACARE) if you have Pre-existing Condition. WH failed to define Pre-existing condition means-Insurance company will not cover you if you have existing or secondary sickness or disease. This force TRUMP to sign TWO Exec. Order which is (1) retention and continuation of Pre-existing condition. MSM & Democrat campaigning that TRUMP will remove Pre-existing conditions if he is elected. (2)$200 Prescription Card for 33 Million Medicare beneficiaries. Money for 33million will win votes, the DEMS will counter this Prescription card.