Fil-Am chef at the helm of a new farm-to-table NYC restaurant

NEW YORK CITY — Eden Local, a less-than-a-month-old farm-to-table restaurant in NYC, is opening the door to new but familiar flavors, thanks to its Filipino-American executive chef: “Top Chef” season 13 chef-testant Frances Tariga.

Veteran restaurateur Chef David Laris handpicked the Fil-Am Top Chef to lead his kitchen at Eden.

In line with his wellness movement, Tariga makes sure dishes are locally sourced, fresh organic products to execute the menu Laris created.

Farm-to-table concept is nothing new to Filipinos — Tariga says, it’s just like what her Lola used to make.

“In the Philippines, nung nasa Pilipinas ako, when I go to my grandma’s province, everything is organic, nobody uses pesticide or anything and it tastes really great,” she shared.

Among the best sellers at Eden Local is this grilled octopus — with potato tostones, chimichurri, and calamansi sofrito.

“Calamansi sofrito, is caramelized onion, kamatis, bawang, and caramelize it mix it with ahm, puree it, and add calamansi and bell pepper; that’s the sofrito.”

“The octopus is really good, it’s a balance of the charred flavor, acid, a little salty, not a little salty but there’s a sweetness that comes from the sofrito, the sofrito I put calamansi,” she added. “So to all the Filipinos out here, you’ll gonna love it…”

The Fil-Am chef proudly included her own favorite crispy liempo dish to the menu — called heritage pork belly with chard gochujang, and house made kimchi.

“As a Filipino-American chef, I always stick to my roots, anywhere I go, any restaurants I work with.”

Chef Frances dreams big for Eden Local.

“My number one dream and goal, that I feel like I’m gonna get it here in Eden and cachet boutique is hopefully, in the near future, we’re gonna get a Michelin star. It’s gonna come.”

For Chef Frances, this is just the beginning of an amazing collaboration with celebrity chef David Laris – who run’s restaurants worldwide and will be opening more restaurants in New York City soon, including the most talked about Playboy Club NYC in 2018.

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