Fil-Am Catholics express dismay over allegations of widespread sex abuse in Illinois churches

“We’ve chosen to reveal this information because the Catholic bishops and the religious orders who are in charge and have this info and hold it secret have chosen to conceal it. We have chosen to reveal it.”

This was the harsh accusation of Atty Jeff Anderson upon the release of their list of 395 names of Catholic clergy that they claim have been accused of sexual abuse in several Archdioceses in Illinois.

In response to the statement, the Archdiocese of Chicago, which serves over two million Catholics, released an official statement saying, “The Archdiocese of Chicago does not police itself. It reports all allegations to the civil authorities, regardless of the date of the alleged abuse, whether the priest is a diocesan priest or religious order priest, and whether the priest is alive or dead.”

Reports say officials from the Archdiocese of Chicago refers to the accusations as unsubstantiated or that have already been reported to authorities.

Majority of Chicago’s Filipino population are practicing Catholics, who reacted very strongly to the news, while remaining hopeful yet cautiously optimistic.

The law firm said that they plan to continue searching for more priests who have been accused of sexual abuse in Illinois and will update the list as necessary. Meanwhile, the investigation under current state Attorney General Kwame Raoul is ongoing.

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