Fil-Am calculus wiz honored at school board

LOS ANGELES – One Filipina nurse from Batangas plus a maintenance manager from El Salvador equals a 17-year-old calculus wiz and one rare feat.

Lincoln High School Senior Cedrick Argueta recently found out that he was one of 12 people in the world to earn a perfect score in the Advance Placement calculus exam.

“I’m glad I’m able to do this not just for my culture but all cultures so anyone can realize that all things are possible,” said Argueta.

Lilian Argueta, Cedrick’s Mom, adds, “In a way it’s what we came here for in this country – to have better opportunities for us and for the kids.”

Argueta was honored by both the Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday for his historic score.

The test was administered last year and the results came as a surprise to the Argueta family.

“One out of 12, out of 300,000 – that’s a really small number,” said Argueta. “A lot of people could’ve done this. A lot of people in my class could’ve done this and gotten a perfect score. It just wasn’t me that was good in my class.”

However, the soft spoken Argueta isn’t taking all the credit. Appearing at the school board with his Korean born teacher Anthony Yom, he believes his long study sessions with his classmates helped him pull of the perfect score.

“It wasn’t just me that got this perfect score,” said Argueta. “All my friends worked together to do this. I’d like to recognize them too.”

Aside from local awards and a media frenzy the senior, who aspires to work for NASA, got a tweet from President Barack Obama.

“I really was excited to have the most influential man in the world, the most important man in the world invite me to the White House for the science fair,” said Argueta. “It’s really exciting. I do plan on attending. I don’t know the specifics of it yet, but I want to go.”

But first things first, the high school senior will continue wrapping up his senior year, hoping to get into his dream school Caltech after he graduates this summer.

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