Fil-Am CA Congressman TJ Cox says there are more pertinent issues than impeaching Trump

There may be mounting calls from Democratic lawmakers for Congress to begin the process to impeach President Trump.

But a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday showed that 61 percent of American voters actually oppose it.

Fil-Am California congressman TJ Cox told BA that voters, including his constituents, are really just focused on issues like healthcare, education and taxes — although they also want accountability.

“We absolutely have to continue the House and Senate investigations. If anybody read the full Mueller report, they’re very troubling so we need to continue to have the conversation on how to protect our democracy and we’re gonna ask tough questions and we’re gonna hold this administration accountable.”

On Thursday morning, some Democratic presidential candidates are renewing impeachment calls — after President Trump in an ABC television interview aired on Wednesday said that he would accept any foreign government’s help, if they offered damaging information about political rivals as he seeks re-election in 2020.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the president’s comment was not the right answer.

But many Republican critics, including Graham, have said that Democrats have also relied on foreign information, pointing out their own opposition efforts with the now notorious Steele dossier.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi said the president’s statement is appalling but she is sticking to her plan.

Fil-Am political expert Cheryl Quinio Blodgett said there is legal consequence to accepting any foreign help even if it’s not used, under the emolument clause.

“Since the 1960s the Russian government has been trying to provide information on the candidate’s opposition. And what happens is the candidate, no matter what party it is, they report that information to the FBI because you are not allowed to gain any information, intelligence or otherwise, because it is considered a donation and you are not allowed to take donations from foreign governments.”

Fil-Am lawyer George Conway also weighed in

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Conway and law professor Neal Katyal noted that in a recent court filing, Trump’s legal team’s argument that Congress is not allowed to investigate a sitting president…Except potentially through an impeachment proceeding, is an invitation for Congress to do just that.

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  • Mario
    15 June 2019 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    I am tired of Russia Russia, case is closed. DOJ still trying to piece together why Obama admin believe Putin ordered Russian operatives to aid Prez Trump 2016. Muller report also revealed OPERATION HAMMER a Staci-like surveillance systems created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor turned into whistleblower. Obama Intel Chief Montgomery negated every US citizen constitutional right to privacy turning US to a police state, when Fed gov’t was weaponized against thousand of US citizen and its political enemy to include candidate Trump.A Grand jury will be created to determine the details.. Mueller issued 500 subpoenas,future GrandJury will issue 1000+ subpoenas.Spreading Fake news is an attempt to unseat(overthrow) a duly elected Prez is Treason, but to be determine by Grand Jury. To entertain you go to YOUTUBE: type “Kim Clement 2007 Prophecy” next Prez will be FEMALE, will come out after the election.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    18 June 2019 at 2:20 am - Reply

    Lately, some of the smarter Democrats are beginning to realized that the Mueller report has proven many things to be wrong and it is beginning to jeopardize future opportunities to stay in office, says Topher Ricacho (Bay Area Engineer).