Fil-Am brothers “Stranger Things” video rap tribute featured on TV

NEW YORK CITY — When these Fil-Am brothers posted a rap tribute to the hit show, “Stranger Things,” on YouTube, they had no idea where this home-made music video would take them.

10-year-old Esteban, 13-year-old Jojo, and 7-year-old Mikael, who call themselves The Trndsttrs, are superfans of the hit Netflix show.


“Stranger things cast is mostly kids, coz normally you’ll see older people in TV shows, movies so we thought it’s really cool that they’re a group of kids who wanna go save the world.”


Their video — complete with a makeshift “Stranger Things” Christmas light wall – was noticed by Time and Entertainment Weekly.


But when Stranger Things retweeted their music video, the next thing they knew – they were on MTV’s “Total Request Live” show in Times Square.

The Trndsttrs even got to perform their rap on national TV.

Just two days after their first ever live TV guesting the rap group was back on TRL Wednesday with their favorite character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, praising their tribute.


The boys even got to meet the rest of the show’s cast members backstage.

“Meeting the cast is awesome, like seeing them in person is totally different from seeing them on screen, I’m just grateful too,” said Jojo.

“It was super cool meeting them,” said Mikael.

The young Pinoy boys say they will continue to spread love and smiles through their music, hopefully another ‘Stranger Things’ tribute before season 3 drops on Netflix.


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