Fil-Am assemblyman Rob Bonta supports making CA a sanctuary state

Lawmakers from California are fighting back against President Donald Trump — after he called the Golden State “out of control.”

President Trump threatened to withhold federal funding from the state with the highest concentration of Filipinos if lawmakers passed a bill that would make California a sanctuary state, that protects undocumented immigrants.

Filipino-American CA State Assemblyman Rob Bonta, who supports the sanctuary bill, told local station Fox 40 that he takes President Trump at his word.

But Bonta insists, “Our values are not for sale in California, and doing the right thing is not always free.”

Bonta also introduced a bill that would create state-funded centers to train public defenders on immigration law.

Bonta adds, “The approach of the sanctuary state has a simple proposition — it says [Immigration and Customers Enforcement] ICE, you should do your job. Local law enforcement should not do your job for you.”

But political experts say it would be difficult for President Trump to withhold funds from California.

Court rulings have limited the power of the President to punish states, by taking away money — and most appropriations come from the Congress, not the Executive Branch.



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  • Mario
    9 February 2017 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    The President has the power to defund Sanctuary City.But Trump strategy is not to get back the Obama left over budget for Sanctuary City,he will just wait, that more crimes will be committed by illegal alien until the Sanctuary budget will get exhausted.Are you going to continue to operate or shut down..If you continue where do you get the funding,so you will be force to increase and collect taxes and local election is coming on 2018, your opposition party are waiting for your downfall.