Fil-Am professional group raises funds for Pinoy schools in US and PH

SAN FRANCISCO – Lendl San Jose a.k.a “Ukulenny” shared the stage with Ron Quesada of Kulintronica and Corey Wolffs a.k.a. “Crywolffs” as part of the Your Filipino Professional Association (YFPA) fundraiser to help young Filipinos in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Philippines.

“The most important thing to me is education,” said Wolffs. “All these skills that we have and that we’ve accrued, I think life demands that we teach these skills, as well.”

Funds generated from this event will aid the Galing Bata program in San Francisco that promotes bi-literacy in English and Tagalog, and in turn a healthy bi-cultural identity.

Money raised will also aid Books for the Barrios, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of education for underprivileged youth in the Philippines.

“The children in the Philippines in the most remote barrio schools, they have families who love them but there’s nothing in the schools and this is after 36 years of our work,” said Books for the Barrios cofounder, President and Executive Director Nancy Harrington. “We really need to step it up if this country wants to get out of Third World status and start thinking about the children, especially young girls.”

Nancy’s husband and Books for the Barrios co-founder Dan Harrington adds, “For the first time, public education and public administration will go hand-in-hand to build those schools to make them the finest schools in Asia once again.”

Additional funds will go towards the YFPA scholarship that is given to two graduating high school students in the Bay Area who are bound for college.

“We are all Filipinos and I think we share the same concerns for everybody, for our community, and even through the broader community of San Francisco and even our home country the Philippines,” said YFPA scholarship director John Gobok. “By working together we actually get to support each other, market our own costs, as well as lend either it be man power support or just helping each other market each other’s programs.”

Those who attended the fundraiser also got a taste of culinary artistry from the likes of Fil-Am chef Rob Menor.

“Tonight at the fundraiser we have some pulled pork – adobo sliders, which I call ‘adobo loco’ which I invented in Chicago and then we have here the Pap Urb’s signature dish the one they made famous the signature sisig fries,” said Menor.

For more information on these programs or if you would like to donate you can visit the YFPA website at

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