Fil-Am appointed NYC housing commissioner

The reported appointment of Trump family wedding and event planner Lynne Patton to head Region II of the Department of Housing and Urban Planning, or HUD, became controversial.

Not only because she is a family friend, but because of her misleading claim on LinkedIn that she has earned a juris doctorate degree from Quinnipiac University.

School officials confirmed she only attended the school for six months, and did not graduate.

Patton’s new position will oversee federal housing in the New York and New Jersey region.

But New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said that historically the only person’s appointed in that role have had a substantial background in government or housing.

“What I believe is the central issue facing New Yorkers right now — affordability… the creation of affordable housing, but the second piece of the equation is raising incomes,” said De Blasio.

At the helm of protecting and creating more affordable housing in New York city is a Filipino-American.

De Blasio recently appointed Maria Torres-Springer as commissioner of the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, or HPD.

Torres-Springer says 1 in 4 renters nationally pay more than 50% of their income on rent.

“So this is a crisis that is affecting not just New York City but other parts of the country and what that means is that Washington really can’t walk away from its obligations, and we need more resources to deal with affordability crisis in this country,” said Torres-Springer.

The Mayor appointed Torres-Springer not just because of her solid qualification in government and housing, but because she truly understands the housing needs of New Yorkers.


“I grew up in section 8 housing in California, and so our family for as long as I can remember really relied on section 8, rental assistance voucher, in order to make ends meet,” she said.

Torres springer says HPD is determined to solve this housing crisis through the program “Housing New York.”

“The city is building 200,000 affordable housing over ten years; that’s enough housing for the entire city of Miami,” she said. “We’re building 80,000 of those apartments to house everyone from the poorest New Yorkers, to working families struggling to make ends meet.”


The New York HPD is reaching out to Filipino-Americans who may qualify for these types of assistance, but may not be aware that they do.

More information is available on the Department of Housing Preservation and Development website.


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