Fil-Am among 3 deputies charged with inmate’s murder

REDWOOD CITY – A Filipino American correctional officer in the Bay Area was charged with murder Tuesday in the vicious beating of an inmate.

Jereh Lubrin, 28, along with two other correctional officers, Matthew Farris and Rafael Rodriguez, both 27, were all formally charged with murder in of Santa Clara County jail inmate Michael Tyree.

Tyree was mentally ill.

Before a packed courtroom on Tuesday, Lubrin, Farris, and Rodriguez were also charged with assaulting another inmate. Prosecutors say the officers show a pattern of violence.

Investigators say before the officers beat Tyree to death, they also allegedly hit inmate Juan Villa in the head and twisted his arms.

Prosecutors say correctional officers brutally beat up Tyree and only called for help an hour later.

Tyree’s unresponsive body was found after midnight on Aug. 27 with vomit and feces all over it.


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