Fil-Am AG Sean Reyes testifies before Congress on human trafficking

UTAH – Filipino American Attorney General Sean Reyes is in Washington, D.C. to combat human trafficking.

Reyes testified Thursday before Congress on an undercover child trafficking sting operation he was a part of last October in an effort to advance H.R. 515 — a law that would create a notification system among countries about suspected child trafficking.

Last October, Reyes joined Operation Underground Railroad to rescue 54 children from a child trafficking cartel in Colombia.

Regarding his experience, Reyes said, “Having witnessed such atrocities with my own eyes last October, I can tell you this deplorable multi-billion-dollar industry continues to flourish and must be stopped.”

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  • Fil Am
    18 May 2015 at 3:33 am - Reply

    Having an open borders policy and lax immigration
    Enforcement promotes human trafficking