Fil-Am actress stars in new American teen drama

HOLLYWOOD – Fil-Am Hollywood actress Sharon Leal plays Charlotte, the mother of Maddie, portrayed by actress Jessica Sula, in “Recovery Road.”

The new show deals with the perils of addiction and how it affects relationships.

The road to recovery is oftentimes full of conflict, a situation that will be dramatized on the show.

In a promo for the show, Sharon shares why the story got her interest.

“We’re all in recovery over something,” said Leal. “It doesn’t have to be drugs. All of us are kind of finding our way and figuring things out and we’ve made mistakes and we are flawed and growing hopefully with every year of our lives. So this show to me, just as a template, is really about that. It’s really about getting over things and being brave enough that we don’t have all the answers.”

The “Dreamgirls” and Broadway’s “Miss Saigon” star was one of the leads in the highly regarded staging of “Stop Kiss” at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Her movie “Addicted” wherein she played a daring role was a surprise hit in 2014.

Sharon is currently filming the movie “Shot” with Noah Wyle.

“Recovery Road” airs Mondays on Freeform, the new name of ABC Family.

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