Fil-Am actress, playwright behind “The Emperor’s Nightingale”

NEW YORK — The Emperor’s Nightingale is a brand new off-Broadway play loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Nightingale.

Set in 18th-century China – this play is about two teenage royal brothers trying to prove their worth as their father — the emperor’s successor.

One of them discovers the Nightingale – a magical singing bird who knows everything. But the question is, can one really learn how to become king from a magical bird?

The Nightingale is played by Fil-Am stage actress Leanne Cabrera. The play was written by Filipino-Chinese American playwright Damon Chua.

The play delves into leadership and the morality of leaders.

“It was first performed two and a half years ago, and that time there was no such thing as collusion was not a big thing, fake news wasn’t a big thing, leadership, the nature of leadership was not a big thing — but now it seems to be even more relevant than ever, so I’m glad that whatever issues I was grappling with become more relevant,” said Chua.

Chua says this play is also about Asian-American representation on stage, on and off-Broadway.

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