Fil-Am actor steals the show in “The Lightning Thief” off-Broadway musical

NEW YORK — Fil-Am theater actor George Salazar is bringing the thunder in the Off-Broadway hit, The Lighting Thief, and his performance has gained some striking reviews.

The musical is stealing the hearts of young theater goers in the Big Apple.

The Lightning Thief: the Percy Jackson Musical is an action-packed show, based Onrick Riordan’s best-selling novel turned movie in 2010.

Playing the title role of Percy Jackson is Chris McCarrell known for his portrayal of Marius in the hit musical Les Miserables.

Percy and his half-blood friends, including Grover, played by Fil-Am actor George Salazar are out to save the world.

Their mission: to find the missing lightning bolt stolen from Zeus to stop a war among Greek gods.

“It’s 2 hours of just like non-stop high energy action,” Salazar said. “It’s a 2-hour kind of epic adventure, it’s like an action but it’s on a stage, and we break out in a song.”

Salazar plays dual roles, as Percy’s half-human half-goat satyr BFF “Grover Underwood,” and as the camp director “Mr. D.”

“It’s kind of a bipolar night for me because I’m playing a guy who loves Percy, and then I’m playing a guy who hates Percy, so it’s like, super satisfying to kind of experience both sides of spectrum.”

Playing two totally different characters in one night is a challenge Salazar gladly took on.

“So Grover being a satyyr, a half-goat, my knees are always bent… I give him a kind of an interesting walk, and the vocal placement for him is different,” he said. “And with Mr. D he’s more of an older guy, he’s seen a lot and he’s like super bitter… so with him he screams a lot. My inspiration for him was Lewis Black and Danny Devito.”

ABS-CBN News even got a backstage tour of the Lucille Lortel Theater.

Salazar even showed off the magic lightning bolt prop.

The reviews are out, and the Filipino-American actor got some shoutouts from theater critics.

George Salazar earns the loudest laughs in the antithetical roles of crotchety camp half-blood director Mr. D., and insecure satyr Grover, Percy’s BFF.

Timeout Magazine says George Salazar earns the loudest laughs in the show.

“The rest of the seven-person ensemble, most of them playing multiple roles, are equally terrific, with the standouts being the strong-voiced Compere and Salazar,” said Hollywood Reporter. “Hilarious as both the half-man/half-goat, and the grumpy Dionysus.”

“I think I’ve had the most fun working on this than working on anything else,” Salazar said. “I’m also more exhausted than I’ve ever been.”

The Lightning Thief has a limited run at the Lucille Lortel theater in New York’s West Village, until May 6.



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