Fil-Am activists say protesting racism and police brutality is not just a black and white issue

NEW YORK — The outcry from the streets of New York repeated over days of mass protests.

Among the thousands expressing their frustrations are Filipino American activists.

Kalayaan Mendoza was at the protest in the Big Apple.

“I think that when people are decrying riots but not saying that this is shameful that police officers are killing black people on a daily basis, then it shows that people care more about property than they do about people.”

Mendoza said all Asian Americans should be joining the call for change.

“During the civil rights movement, we owe our shared Asian American political identity to the black community. We owe so many of the things that we enjoy right now to the black community. So we have that utang na loob, we have that heart debt.”

Arjho Carino Turner knows that this movement is not just a black and white issue.

“I don’t want my kids to experience the same kind of feeling of being belittled, being discriminated, against because of your cultural identity. I want them to embrace proudly they’re being African American.”

George Floyd’s death sparked nationwide protests after video of the incident emerged showing white police officer Derek Chauvin holding the unarmed black man down with his knee.

Chauvin had been fired and scheduled to appear in court later this month – after being charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The 3 other officers on video were fired, but not charged with a crime.

“This is USA. This country prides itself so much with democracy, social justice, liberty and justice for all. I pledged that to this country,” said Turner. “And I’m wondering where is that liberty and justice for all, it is not for some, it is for all.”

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  • Verland Gilliam
    5 June 2020 at 3:52 am - Reply

    If it isn’t a “black and white issue” then why all the crying about ‘white privilege? Strictly because of the color of their skin, blacks are given opportunities that are denied to white people. Free education, employment with the government, hundreds of all black organizations that are tax exempt but not one white organization enjoys the same status, the chance to excel in sports, by being selected above the whites, etc etc . I don’t mind any of this, but don’t tell me about “white privilege”.