Fil-Am activists join Pope in denouncement of corruption

STANFORD, Calif. – Pope Francis started the day in the Philippines by meeting with President Benigno Aquino III and they engaged in a 30-minute closed door meeting prior to addressing the public.

President Aquino used the occasion to express his concerns between the clergy and the government.

“Some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticize, even to the extent that one prelate admonished me to do something about my hair, as if it were a mortal sin,” said Aquino.

But the pope himself had a serious appeal: He called on politicians to end corrupt practices that take away money and resources from the poor and marginalized.

“The Bishops of the Philippines have asked that this year be set aside as the ‘Year of the Poor,’ said Francis. “I hope that this prophetic summons will challenge everyone, at all levels of society, to reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor, and to make concerted efforts to ensure the inclusion of every man and woman and child in the life of the community.”

This is exactly what Filipino-American activists were praying that the Pope would do during his visit to the Philippines.

During this candlelight vigil at Stanford University, activists called on the Philippine government to funnel resources to the poor and least in society, including overseas workers and victims of calamities like Typhoon Haiyan, many of whom have yet to rebuild their lives.

“There still hasn’t been development in the Philippines and we want the government to change this and to stop being neglectful but actually listen to the concerns of the people,” said Katherine Nasol of Stanford’s Pilipino American Student Union.

“We want him to stand with us against labor-export policy of the Philippine government that forces more than 5,000 Filipinos to move out of there motherland and to find better opportunities abroad where they experience a lot of trafficking and discrimination,” said Jeremias David of Migrante Northern San Mateo County.

They also pray that the Pope will see the resilience of the Filipino people in their on-going struggle to recover from Typhoon Haiyan and that the government can learn from the pope’s example of selfless service.

“Pope Francis will be visiting Tacloban where Typhoon Haiyan hit,” said David. “He’s trying to have a meal with the Filipino people but who did the Aquino government sit down with – the privileged and the rich. For us and the grass roots organizations in the Philippines, we are speaking out so we can be heard by Pope Francis.”

The activists call on all kababayans in the U.S. and in the Philippines to join the Pope in standing up to corruption and fighting for the poor.


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  • Delia
    16 January 2015 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    What the Pope did’nt know is every country theres a corruptions , he should’nt single out Philippines only . Big and small Country has a rampant corruptions left and right.

  • noz
    17 January 2015 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    the inherent characters of the filipino people be it government, private sectors, & dealing among each other is the so called – quick fix to the highest bidder, in other words money talks aka bribery or corruption is always the practice as a way to get things done / overall as a way of life. without a doubt, the Pope had hit the nerve of the guilty party with his straight talks of his concern of the truest poor of the PH. the biggest question – will the filipino people, the government in particular shun corruptions in all shapes / forms?. the poorest filipino people historically have been victimized by corrupt politicians for their votes, by handing out meager money to buy food, etc for a day, and get screwed up for the rest of their lives, electing, granting power to double dealing corrupted politicians. the Pope scolded the corrupt politicians, so the humongous question – will the deep rooted corrupted traits of the filipino people all change in a blink of an eye, as gone for good, as the Pope commanded?, or the same business as usual, the same ole corrupt dealings as part of the filipino cultures / traditions.

    for analogy – obobo, and his demonicrap party have created the so called poor of america aka the lazies with their expanded, lax, careless free for all welfare, and the over the top handout freebies, entirely paid for by the hardworking taxpayers. these bloodsucker lazies have become the lifetime voters of the lefty, socialist demonicraps. that’s how obobo got reelected by the votes of the over 90 million freebie takers. the demonicraps prefer to keep these bloodsuckers to stay the way they are – the takers as their lifestyle, who will readily vote for demonicraps as power grab to control / hold on to their ideologues. these freebies recipients are like millionaires compared to the real poor of the PH, and the other third world nations. obobo, and the demonicraps are now investing on another power grab to keep the 30 million illegal aliens to slowly / surely award amnesty. the return favor of these illegal aliens, mostly are hispanics will be lifetime demonicrap voters. the hispanics likely voters of today are bent on voting solely for the demonicraps, thus obobo, and the demonicraps as the saviors of illegal aliens clearly have succeeded on their dirty, corrupted political ploy, an intent to downfall america. this is the corruption happening in america, that at this point cannot be stopped with one third of the populous of this nation agreeing with the lefties, socialist demonicraps governance. so, there you go, the PH is in good company of the current corrupted USA. you are right Delia.