Fil-Am activists join SF peace march, calling for an end to violence and senseless deaths

SAN FRANCISCO — The sounds of the drums filled the air in downtown San Francisco — as members of the community remembered a young man gone too soon.

Family, friends, and elected leaders marched to mark the one-year death anniversary of 15-year old Day’von Hann, whom they described as a youth leader and a rising star.

Just after midnight on July 8, 2019, Hann was shot just blocks away from his Mission District home.

Authorities found Hann suffering from gunshot wounds, while an unidentified vehicle sped away.

No arrests have been reported.

Hann was an active member of the youth anti-violence group United Playaz, which is run by Fil-Am Rudy Corpuz.

“Filipinos, we support all people. Black, white, peppermint stripe, it doesn’t matter because we stand for justice. We stand for unity and we stand for the spirit of love.”

Meanwhile, in the wake of the high-profile deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Abrey –the calls to defund the police and reallocate money to more community-based programs is something elected leaders said could prevent senseless deaths.

“We are calling on all of us; our neighbors, our police, our organizations, our elected officials and are saying young people, kids should be able to be kids. They should be able to go out there and play safely. They should be able to go to after school programs and summer programs. They should be able to walk down the street safely,” said Supervisor Matt Haney.

The march also remembered the lives of small children who died from gunfire during the Fourth of July celebrations, including six-year-old Jace Young from the Bayview neighborhood.

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