Fil-Am acapella group says stakes were high during ‘The Sing-Off’ experience

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – It was a battle between the best acapella groups in America and it all played out on stage on the hit NBC talent show, “The Sing-Off”, hosted by 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey and judged by singers Jewel, Shawn Stockman and Patrick Stump.

One of the final six groups chosen to compete on the show’s holiday special was the Filipino-American group from the San Francisco Bay Area, SanFran 6, which was formed just over a month before they competed on the show.

“It was our first performance as a group in general and for it to be at the Dolby Stage — the stakes were really high. We really had to make sure we met up to those expectations,” shared one its members, Kevin Redrico.

Another member, Jaron Liclican added, “Each and everyone of us, individually, have experiences as solo performers and so getting together, when we got together, we all knew how to perform and what sounds right, what sounds good.”

SanFran 6, composed of Redrico, Liclican, Danny Cavero, Cherilyn Acorda, Del Lazaro and Jessica Walsh all come from different singing and acapella groups. And even if they’re a new group, they said it felt magical when they came together to sing.

“When we all came in, we all had a goal and more importantly, we all shared a passion for music and specifically, acapella music…and that really got us focused,” explained Cavero.

“No matter what happened, we know that we gave it our best and that’s all we could have done,” stressed Redrico.

In the end, the Vanderbilt Melodores won the battle. But the journey to the top does not end for SanFran 6.

Now back in the San Francisco Bay Area, the members of the group plan to continue performing — simply for their love of music.

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