Felina Salinas’ lawyer dismisses new cash-smuggling allegations

HONOLULU, HI —  A Hawaii chapter leader of the Philippine megachurch, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church, is facing another allegation of cash smuggling by a former member, Kristina Angeles.

Recent court documents state that Angeles claimed to have seen Hawaii branch manager Felina Salinas and church founder, Apollo Quiboloy, ordering church members to smuggle hundreds of thousands of dollars from California to the Philippines on two separate occasions, in 2013 and 2014.

Salinas has already been charged with trying to smuggle more than $300,000 in cash from Hawaii to the Philippines last year on Quiboloy’s private jet.

ABS-CBN News spoke to Salinas’ lawyer, Attorney Michael Green, who not only dismissed Angeles’ accusations.

He said she had a motive behind her actions.

“I don’t necessarily believe anything Angeles says. I mean, she, you know, she’s asked for asylum to stay in the United States. She doesn’t want to go back based on her cooperation. She’s able to stay here for now and she’s hoping to stay here forever. Um, her story has been inconsistent from the reports I’ve read and statements that she gave to, uh, law enforcement over the years. And I don’t think she’s worthy of belief, frankly.”

Green believes that Angeles is testifying against Salinas for immigration reasons.

“She’s only supposed to be here on a visa for a short period of time and no one’s sending her back, even though the time, the time has expired. And now she’s asking for asylum and she’s saying that her life is in danger.”

Salinas’ camp is trying to discredit Angeles, stating that she was charged in state court for sexually abusing a member of the church. But federal prosecutors countered by saying the state charges may be based on a false testimony from the mother of the alleged victim.

ABS-CBN News also reached out to Angeles’ lawyer – who refused to comment in an ongoing case.

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church is based in Davao City, and has over six million followers worldwide, with Hawaii as one of its fast-growing chapters.

With this new cash smuggling allegation, the next court date for salinas has been set for February 2020.

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