Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

April 11, 2013

LOS ANGELES– It was a day of action at the office of a key lawmaker. As immigrants, labor leaders, and immigrant advocates took to the streets blocking off traffic at a busy Los Angeles intersection, their leaders met with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s staff to discuss the need for immigration reform.

“The messages were to keep families together, keep comprehensive reform of immigration just and humane. Make sure people can adjust in a far and affordable way and make sure that families are not split apart again and we need a reduction in the backlogs that are so long,” said Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) executive director Stuart Kwoh, after his meeting with the staff.

Feinstein, who is in Washington DC released a statement after the protest saying that she looks forward to seeing the details of the bill, adding that she supports the Dream Act and agricultural workers immigration reform with an earned path to citizenship. She reiterated that she is a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration reform is expected to be felt most in California where US Census statistics show that 27% of the 38 million plus Californians are immigrants. Government statistics estimate that about 1 in 13 Californians are undocumented.

Anthony Ng was recently granted relief through the Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) but the Fil-Am activists says he and millions of other undocumented immigrants in the US need more.

“Its not really sustainable financially and it just creates too much burden for society because just doing DACA it takes a lot of effort for the community to even apply for it. So a really clear pathway to citizenship is what we really need,” he explained.

Josh Jimenez is trying to petition two brothers from the Philippines and admits he knows many undocumented Filipinos in the community. He’s calling on leaders to keep sibling petitions in tact while giving a fair pathway to legalization for the undocumented.

 “They’re not really understanding what immigrants go through in this country and how we work so hard to provide for our families and the process is already tough as it is,” said the Anakbayan activist.

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  • noz
    11 April 2013 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    these illegal aliens demand path to citizenships shows their arrogance. illegal aliens complaints of hardships living in america will be resolved by making them legal, reading between the lines, actually means the eager purpose of illegal aliens, wannabe legal to live off on other people’s money. these illegal aliens have no right to complain in the first place, having illegally invaded the USA, now full of nerves to complain?, these illegal aliens should go back to where they originated, otherwise these illegal aliens are the future blood suckers of income taxpayers, will be joining the generational lazies, since there are no jobs, many citizens can’t even find jobs, illegal aliens status turn to legal means living in america will be unsustainable with humongous applicants to a very few jobs. many wacko takers think, its obama’s money, he is passing around and spending. obama’s support of the dream act is another welfare program spending. yes, all these far, far lefty democrats, the like of feinstein supports of the dream act are into more spendings, making cities, counties, etc bankrupt like detroit, where for half a century have elected purely democrats to run their city now in total ruins, the same are happenings in the blue state california counties going and have gone bankrupt. the people did the economic pitfalls of their home states themselves by voting in power lawmaker politicians focusing on self interest groups, like these illegal aliens and their scams, playing on people’s insights. people must wake up, before its too late.

    • kikayPang0
      12 April 2013 at 8:42 am - Reply

      They work & contribute to our society – So do I. And if I break the law and commit crimes, I can expect to pay a penalty of some kind. Anything from a small fine to the death penalty. I do not receive a reward. WHY SHOULD WE TREAT FOREIGN CRIMINALS BETTER THAN OUR OWN CITIZENS?

  • noz
    12 April 2013 at 3:31 pm - Reply

    lawmaker politicians primary concerns should be for the good of the country and uplift its people, not be panderers to self absorbed interest groups like the illegal aliens whims of path to citizenships and the other welfare program – the dream act undeniably have been undermining the already weak economy under obama. panderer lawmaker politicians have become like pimps of the illegal aliens assisting, protecting their out of control protests to get reelected for another term to secure the majority votes of the hispanics, an immoral, undesirable intent of these lefties to stay in power. one of many goals of the hispanics is to change the nation’s national language to spanish. america’s future is so bleak with these seated panderer lawmaker politicians who have put many hard working americans ways of living, now comparable to the third world countries substandard ways of living, without extra dough to go on normal vacations, watch movies or plays, cannot afford too high gas prices, etc. the economic problems of americans is the one thing these far lefties lawmaker politicians cannot solve and refused to solve, by diverting their attentions to this bole fraud illegal aliens protests, like going on circles, lefties continuously enabling illegal aliens with their wordily supports, while slowly the nation are going belly up. these lefties lawmaker politicians, when asked how to solve the economic uncertainty, they all have the same answers more spendings. the government do not have money, so they all want more borrowings. obama’s recent budget contain the same more spendings and borrowings. this type of solution of the lefties is inviting doomsday in america, regrettably over half of the population do agree with this radical economic approach, proven to cause the current economic status of the country in crisis, it didn’t work then, will not work now, obama have not learned his lessons in economics, so obama kept his agenda busy with illegal aliens and gun control. too sad many people were sent to the laundromat for thorough washing, believing obama is doing a great job as POTUS.