Feds to probe California bus crash that killed Filipina mom

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The National Transportation Safety Board said it will investigate a Greyhound bus crash on Highway 101 in San Jose that left two passengers dead, including 51-year-old Filipina, Fyle Olivera.

Olivera had taken long bus rides from Los Angeles to San Francisco a few times before. But on a rainy early Tuesday morning, this Pinay did not make it home to San Francisco.

She was killed when the bus she was on overturned with 20 people on board, landing on its side after hitting the impact barrels at the divider on the road.

“The bus changed to the HOV lane. A witness that was a couple hundred feet behind the bus that then saw the rear of the bus fly in the air and then saw the bus go on its right side onto the K-rail,” said Sgt. Lisa Brazil of the California Highway Patrol.

An unnamed passenger recounted, “Well I was sleeping and I woke up to the crash. I heard some people scream and then we were sliding for a long time, I felt like forever and from there we came to a rest, we’re on the side and walking on the windows trying to gather stuff and looking for a way out.”

Authorities said Olivera and 76-year-old Maria de Jesus Ortiz Velasquez of Salinas were ejected through the front windows of the bus before they died.

One passenger was seriously injured, while nine others, including the driver, suffered minor injuries.

Authorities, who have begun investigating into what led to the crash, said the driver, 58-year-old Gary Bonslater, was tired.

“He had mentioned that he was fatigued, but he did not indicate that he fell asleep,” stated Ofc. Chris Miceli of the California Highway Patrol.

Bonslater is reportedly cooperating with the investigation. Authorities believe drugs or alcohol were not involved. The Greyhound bus was also reportedly inspected a few times and no mechanical defects were found.

Olivera reportedly visited two of her sons in Los Angeles and was on her way to San Francisco where she has another son. Her daughter still lives in the Philippines.

Olivera died on the spot.

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