Federal judge rules re-opening of DACA, after 90-day delay

It could be the biggest setback for Trump administration’s plans for immigration. Judge John D. Bates of the federal district court of Washington D.C. ruled Tuesday that the protections under DACA must continue, and that the Dept. of Homeland Security must resume accepting new applications. The ruling won’t immediately take effect, as the judge stayed his decision for 90 days, to allow the DHS the opportunity to explain why it canceled DACA   in the first place.

If they fail to do so, Bates said, it must accept and process both new and renewal DACA applications.

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  • Mario
    27 April 2018 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    On 2010 DREAM ACT bill passed the House it has path to citizenship for 1 million migrant brought illegally as children,but failed on the Senate..Dreamers were ushered OUT from Capitol hallway hugging and crying, at that time DEMS who control Hse & Senate shows their intention NOT to help illegal alien.On 2012, Sweet talking Obama created signed EXEC ACTION for 800K DACA, provides protection from deportation, work permit. At the Rose Garden OBAMA announced it to young illegal alien, they embraced and cried, this time in celebration.Aug 20 2016, election campaign Trump announced to terminate DACA program being un-constitutional, President can not make Law only Congress. DACA participant console each other,said Trump will never be elected anyway…Jan 20,2017,Trump took office ,did an about face on DACA, said I love kids, On Feb 28,he gave Congress 6 months to legalized DACA, and exposed OBAMA-DEMS intention,, had 7 yrs to legalized DACA. Sep 13, Trump hosted dinner with Democrat to discuss DACA, tweeted NO DEAL was made last night on DACA Dems want NO BORDER Security.Jan 9,2018, Trump ended DACA. Jan 22, 2018 Trump, tentatively agreed to provide legal status to 1.2M DREAMERS (690K applied for DACA+510K, did not apply, but open for application).On Jan 30, 2018, TRUMP made a counter OFFER of 1.8 Million DREAMERS, path to citizenship within 10-12 yrs. On Feb 23, Trump tweeted, claimed DREAMERS immigrant had been abandoned again by the Democrat, they want NO border wall.. Trump gave Congress until March 5 to come out with legislative fix. April 24, 2018 Federal Judges re-open DACA and gave 90 days to come out with sufficient legal justification… It need 60 votes from the Senate to come out with legislation, GOP-51 seat, DEM-49 seat. My opinion, MIDTERM election is ONLY solution.. 9 new Senatorial seat for GOP, If DEMs are re-elected, DACA will remain the same …forever.. politicizing…Source: Google: DACA, DREAMERS