FBI: No ISIS link found in deadly Las Vegas shooting; motive still unknown

The mood in Las Vegas is somber, a day after a gunman staged the bloodiest mass shooting in US history.

Armed with several assault rifles, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on Sunday from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on an outdoor country music festival — killing at least 59 people.

Paddock later killed himself.

More than 500 others were injured — some by gunfire, and others trampled in the chaos that ensued.

Terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre, but US officials assert there’s no evidence to support that claim.

“As this event unfolds, we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group,” said FBI special agent Aaron Rouse. “As this investigation continues, we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that this is factually, thoroughly, and absolutely investigated to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community.”

Authorities believe, the shooter Mr. Paddock acted alone; although his motive remains unknown.

Las Vegas police also revealed that Paddock had 23 firearms at the Mandalay Bay hotel, and 19 more at his home in Mesquite, Nevada.

Police are searching through Paddock’s home to get a sense of what prompted the attack.

Japan says ‘unaware’ of the shooter’s girlfriend’s whereabouts.

On Tuesday, Japanese government said it is unaware of any information at this point that corroborates earlier pronouncements from Vegas authorities, that Paddock’s long-time girlfriend Marilou Danley is in Tokyo.

The 62-year-old Danley is believed to be an Australian citizen born in the Philippines — and was possibly visiting relatives in the Philippines, at the time of the shooting — although US authorities now believe she could be in Tokyo.

The Philippine immigration bureau confirmed that Danley was recently in the country, but did not give details.

U.S. police are interested in interviewing her as a person of interest, though not as a suspect.

Among the hundreds injured in the mass shooting was 21-year-old Filipino-American Arthur Andrade.

President Donald Trump says he plans to visit Las Vegas on Wednesday to meet with law enforcers and families of the victims.

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  • Mario
    4 October 2017 at 12:36 am - Reply

    Watch video at INFOWAR.COM said they asked the public to make their own copy, before it will be taken down…..Video shows,…45 minutes before a concertgoer were warned they are going to die..Video shows, Gun flash coming from 7th and 10th floor not 32nd floor.Video witness said there are multiple shooters. Australian hotel guest adjacent to room of Paddock said saw hotel security guard shot by the police not Paddock as said by the media in the 32nd floor. Police scanner radio said shots coming from the 10th floor. Media said that Paddock installed multiple video inside his room before he started shooting….If it true, the public demand to show the video.

    • Santiago Del Mundo
      4 October 2017 at 11:37 pm - Reply

      You have got to be one of those shallow and misguided twigit to be citing some sensational sites like infowar.com…I’d much rather use CNN, whose probably on the ground at the time than infowars.com who were never there…