FBI investigates potential human rights abuse case in connection with Filipina-managed Hawaii megachurch

More legal trouble for Felina Salinas, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church business manager, and director of the church’s foundation.

The FBI is reportedly conducting an investigation into alleged aggressive fundraising and potential human rights abuses in connection with the mega church’s Hawaii outpost, which Salinas manages.

Hawaii News Now first reported that the FBI is looking at Salinas.

The investigation reportedly stems from a 2015 assault case against Salinas.

A fellow church member, Kristina Angeles, accused Salinas of beating her. Angeles also claimed that she was forced to raise money for the church’s Children’s Joy foundation.

On a Facebook page, residents from various areas have been posting warnings since 2015.

BA poke exclusively to Marissa from Kanoehe, who took these photos last year of these Filipinas who she says were harassing shoppers and residents everyday asking for donations for children in the Philippines.

“It’s a really busy parking lot and you just see them weaving around cars and even looking into people’s cars, and when they found a young man they can prey, they will just go for it.”

Marissa says the young women would usually hang around all day in public places.

“They were carrying around an iPad or a laminated paper that says Children of the Philippines.”

Last Thursday, the Institute for Human Services in Hawaii posted this warning saying the door to door cookie sale is not for IHS as they claim, but that it’s a scam tied to a human trafficking operation in Hawaii.

Israelito Torreon, lawyer for the church’s leader Apollo Quiboloy tells ABS-CBN News in a phone interview that the pastor has not received a notice on any investigation.

When reached this morning, the FBI tells BA that it cannot deny or confirm any investigation.

Torreon has also denied that Quiboloy was among detained in Hawaii on February 13, when customs
agents boarded his private jet and arrested Salinas for trying to smuggle $350,000 in cash out of the United States.

BA has reached out to Salinas’ lawyer in Hawaii, but he has not responded yet.

Meanwhile, Salinas’ pretrial hearing on the smuggling case has been scheduled for May 31.

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  • Mario
    3 April 2018 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    How did the FBI agents learned about the smuggling of $ 350,000 cash. EL Shadai boss on a private plane…Rumor in Hawaii said another Pinoy powerfull church group made the tip-off to FBI.