Fauci: It would take time to roll out millions of vaccine doses

Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci was once again grilled by members of Congress on his expectations when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. While he’s cautiously optimistic it could happen at the end of the year, he also clarified it will take time to roll out millions of doses.

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  • Mario
    31 July 2020 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    WH has 6 PHARMA to deliver 600M doses by the end of the year.US has 325M population, I hope TRUMP will call again DUTERTE. On MAY PAL biggest plane Boeing 700 went to MIAMI empty and came back full of PPE, Face mask, Test Kits, and 50 ventilators. 5 rapid 15 minutes test kit were given to Malacanang. The vaccine is already available on trial. TRUMP met the RED CROSS, BLOOD BANK and Laboratory CEOs about Blood Plasma to cure COVID. Visit your nearest Red Cross, Blood Bank. Go to CORONAVIRUS.GOV. for blood Plasma,blood donation and they are looking for 30,000 volunteers for a TRIAL VACCINE. TRUMP said the US military will deliver the Vaccine, in my opinion, to win votes, before the election. US military will put up Military Feild Tent Hospitals in every town and county. Local Hospital workers will be assigned to inject the vaccine.