Fans react to TFC’s “Edsa Woolworth” with laughs, tears

The Filipino Channel’s second film, “Edsa Woolworth”, opened in San Bruno, Calif.

Kababayans were impressed with how the movie tackled the complexities and the dynamics within a Filipino family.

“When your parents get older, you make the choice of sending them to a care home or you take care of them yourself,” said one fan. “It’s a really good movie.”

Edsa Woolworth tells the story of Edsa, a doting older sister to two brothers and a loving stepdaughter to an American suffering from Alzheimer’s.

While she tries to keep her family together, Edsa meets the man of her dreams and now has to struggle with finding her own happiness amid fulfilling her responsibilities to her family.

“It doesn’t matter what culture you’re from, whether you’re Pinoy or something else,” said Lee O’Brien, the leading actor in the movie. “This movie is for everybody. You can relate to anything in this movie. It’s a really beautiful movie and a great theme.”

These kababayans say it’s also refreshing that a Filipino film bravely talks about same-sex relationships.

“I think it’s an eye opener for everybody because we gays can be loved and we are ready to love and be open to love each other.”

At Edwards Cinema in Cerritos, Calif., these moviegoers say Edsa Woolworth is definitely a must-see.

“Napagandang movie,” said one moviegoer. “May comedy, may sentimental.”

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