Fancy Food festival showcases best of Philippine brands

SAN FRANCISCO — For the fifth time, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry has participated in the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show.

With an expected 25,000 attendees over three days, the Philippines is showcasing the best of its well-known and up-and-coming brands.


“This year the Philippine delegation will be showcasing agriculture commodities and processed foods like pineapple, mango, banana, tuna, and other flavorful selections,” says Janine Phyllisa Briones.

The Philippine section has been enjoying a lot of foot traffic, as different people have stopped to try Filipino treats like ice cream, coffee, and hot dogs from San Miguel Pure Foods.


“Everyone is liking our ube ice cream. And everyone is trying out our hot dogs that we have and if you grew up in the Philippines, you know that the tender juicy hot dogs rights here are number one brand of hot dogs,” said Andrew P. Borbon.

Other notable Filipino brands include Century Pacific food.

Already known for their canned tuna and corned beef in the Philippines, Century Pacific is introducing its kamayan lechon belly to attendees.


“The people who are coming to our booth are very excited when they try our lechon belly and also our longanisa. So this is the first time they tried something that looks familiar because it’s also sausage but it takes very Filipino because of the garlic, pepper, and the right Filipino taste.”

These Filipino food brands say everyone from the major food distributors to the specific ethnic supermarkets are well aware of the growing popularity of Filipino food.


Next, the Philippine department of trade and industry will be representing these Filipino brands at other major food conventions around the world — in places such as Dubai, Japan, Taiwan, and Paris.

They will also make another stop at the summer Fancy Food Show in New York at the end of June.


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