Famous personalities, billionaires attend PH gold exhibit

NEW YORK – “The Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms” exhibit in New York opened its doors to the public, Friday.

Dozens of celebrities and high profile guests from New York and the Philippines came and were awed by the glittering exhibit including former U.S. Aid Director Henrietta Fore, Filipino Billionaire Oscar Lopez, Tony winner Lea Salonga among many others.

Even heiress to retail giant Walmart’s $250 Billion empire was impressed.

“I guess, because of my long association with the Philippines, I feel Philippine,” Walmart heiress Alice Walton said, “To go through there is an eye-opening experience one that , I don’t think anybody should miss, and you learn a whole new way of thinking about history and about life.”


Emmy Awards Winning TV Show Host and Financial Guru Suze Orman said, “It’s an amazing thing to see history before your very eyes, so there aren’t really words to describe what you’re seeing because nobody’s ever seen it before, but it’s simply stunning and something that everybody should see.”


Cathy Travis said, “The weaving of Filipino artisians is extraordinary, and to this day the Philippines is known as some of the great weavers in the world, beautiful”


Unearthed in 1981, this exhibit features more than a hundred twenty extraordinary gold objects mostly excavated in Butuan, Philippines – an organized ancient society in Southern Mindanao.


For a thousand-year-old, these ancient works of art have a modern touch.

Philanthropist, actress and model Nanette Medved says, she would even wear them today.

Medved said, “The expectation, I think, when people come in is that it would be less sophisticated, but the truth is Filipinos were so sophisticated even back in the 10th century they could create these wonderful pieces.”

A featured display is a gold religious vessel is in the form of a Kinnari – a half-woman half-swan mythological being.

Members of the royal family in the Kingdom of Butuan wore gold waistbands, sashes and even a diadem or crown — a symbol of authority.

Men and women wore gold rings on their ears, neck, arms and legs… They are members of the ancient elite during the Philippines’ golden age.

Philippine Gold Benefit Committee Chair Fernando Zobel De Ayala said, “This gold collection really can be compared to all… any of the great gold collections around the world and so it’s a source of great pride and a part of our history that really wasn’t very well known.”

Philippine Gold Benefit Committee Chair and Philanropist Loida Nicolas Lewis said, “We may be doctors, lawyers, household helpers but our ancestors were Royalty, Maharlika! So we should stand tall when we say ako ay Filipino!”

These priceless ancient treasures of Filipino royalty’s golden past will be on display at the Asia Society Museum on Park Avenue in New York until January 3.

You man contact Don Tagala at don_tagala@abs-cbn.com for more information.

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