Family of Pinoy convicted killer pleads PH govt for help

LAS VEGAS – Beth Daniels still couldn’t believe the tragic turn of events in her son’s life.

Her son, 29-year old Ralph “Macky” Jeremias has been sentenced to death by a Clark County jury which also found him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the execution-style killings of Paul Stephens and Brian Hudson in 2009.

Jeremias was also convicted on robbery and burglary charges.

Authorities say Jeremias bought marijuana from both victims and stole money and laptops from their apartment after he shot them with a nine millimeter handgun.

Jeremias, who defended himself in court, says he went to the victims’ apartment with two friends to buy marijuana but claims he found them already dead.

Jeremias’ family members insist he is innocent and have expressed their dismay with how the jury treated the case.

“I cried for almost two weeks of the trial,” said Beth Daniels, Jeremias’ mother. “I can really feel there’s a lot of prejudice and discrimination. He was singled out as a Filipino which is hard to believe. Have you seen a Filipino? He was singled out. How can you say that he did not really receive a fair [trial]? They did not really look outside. The killer is still out there. Prosecutors made a lot of stories, a lot of missing stories. He is not the bad guy. My children are kind. He is my son.”

They are pleading with the Philippine government to help Jeremias.

“I reached out to President Aquino, Vice President Binay or whoever higher government official that he can be given justice but doesn’t mean death,” said Daniels. “My son is very kind. It’s been five and a half years that I haven’t seen him or held him.”

“Please President Aquino, [Vice President] Binay, I’m calling for you to save my grandson,” said Felicitas Simon. “He is on his own. Please President Aquino.”

Jeremias will remain in the custody of the Clark County Detention Center until January 15th of 2015 before he will be transported to Ely, Nev. where he will be endorsed to the Division of Parole and Probation.

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