Family of Kobe’s Assistant Coach, Christina Mauser, speaks about her tragic death

The wife of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa, finally breaks her silence three days since her husband and daughter and 6 friends died in a helicopter crash.

Vanessa is hanging on to the thought that Kobe and Gianna are shining their light from the heavens.

Meanwhile, the LA Lakers have finally gotten back to the basketball court participating in their first practice since the tragedy.

They say just getting together and going to the motions is helping them deal with the loss of their NBA legend.

ABS-CBN News has exclusively spoken to a close relative of Fil-Am Christina Mauser, Kobe’s assistant coach, who also perished in the crash.

According to Gloria Omania, Cgristina truly loved her job with Kobe‘s team.

“She was doing what she loved to do. She was proud to have been handpicked by Kobe. And she was so happy that this job allowed her to be with her kids during the day, take them to school, pick them up, do homework with them, take him to swim practice, and then go off and practice with Kobe’s team.”

“Of course it was a real source of pride for her and all of us, she was doing what she loved to do, you know, so she was doing this full time for over a year, and traveling with him on that helicopter to tournaments and area… In fact, I was just talking to her mom and she said the last text she got from Christina was to say that I’m getting on the. I’m getting on the helicopter and I’ll text you when I land.”

Gloria added that the whole family was extremely proud of Christina, especially with how she kept the Filipino values alive in her family.

“What I admire about her — so responsible, so loving, so kind, so generous, so respectful. You know, the Filipino culture of respect, it’s just so primary and how we’re all raised, and she had that instilled in her. You know the MANO PO and always say hello. and, you know, greetings hello and greetings goodbye. I just admired how she was teaching those same values to her old kids.”

For now, there are no firm plans yet for a burial or memorial for Christina, but Gloria said they will be looking back fondly and celebrating her life as the blessing that she was to everybody around her.

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  • Jeff Cotta
    17 February 2020 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    It so sad about christina mausers passing leaving behind a husband and 3 young kids its heartbreaking just a freak accident hope the husband can find the strength to be able to raise his kids by himself it wont be easy but he has no choice may christina rest in peace along with the other 8 people who died