WOODSIDE, NY – The son of a Filipino killed in November’s Louisiana oil rig blast, Maverick Tajonera laments the possibility that his father suffered much pain before dying.

“When I saw the burned face and whole body of my loving father, I felt the pain and suffering before he died. How I wish he died at the moment when the oil rig exploded so that he didn’t suffer much,” said Maverick.

Maverick’s father, Avelino was seriously burned last November when the Gulf Coast oil rig platform where he was working exploded and caught fire.

Avelino died of complications shortly after his family that flew in from the Philippines, arrived at the Baton Rouge Hospital.

Adrian said, “My father is a loving father, how I miss him day and night, no father will pick me up at the school, no father will watch me on my school program, no father will be on my graduation day.”

Two other Filipinos died and three others were seriously injured in the blast.

The Philippine Embassy immediately extended assistance to the victims and their families.

Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Jose Cuisia expressed his indignation over reports that the tragedy could have been caused by incompetent Filipino workers who could not speak English well.
Cuisia said.

The Embassy has requested the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate possible safety violations in connection with the incident.

Their legal counsel, Atty. Ellaine Carr said “We are expecting an active involvement of the Philippine Government in the investigation of the operation of Grand Isle Shipyard and DNR as well as Black Elk’s operations.

But not all the families of the oil rig blast victims feel this way.

In an email obtained by Balitang America, Joanne Malagapo, wife of Jerome Malagapo, one of the Filipinos killed in the incident says, she is frustrated that her family’s name is being dragged into participating in a series of actions by an activist group.

The family is requesting that the group refrain from using Jerome’s name in any undertakings without their knowledge and permission.

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  • anna may
    22 January 2013 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    they were not kILLED . . . . they DIED!!! that’s very different thing!!!