Family claims mentally ill Fil-Am veteran died after police knelt on his neck

A clamour for answers from the Antioch Police Department in California is growing after it was revealed that 30-year-old Filipino American Angelo Quinto died while being detained.

On December 23, 2020, Quinto’s family called on police to assist them with a mental health-related incident involving Angelo. As he was being detained, Quinto had lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital where he died three days later.

The Quinto family is now speaking out on the incident, saying police had kneeled on the U.S. Navy veteran’s neck as they handcuffed him.

His mother, who witnessed the arrest, says Qunito was pleading for his life during the incident. Cell phone video of the encounter was released by the family’s lawyer, civil rights attorney John Burris.

The video shows police removing an unconscious Quinto from the house and a pool of blood can be seen. It took about a month before police acknowledged the death publicly, which is still undergoing investigation.

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