Family and friends say goodbye to slain Jennifer Laude

By Pia Gutierrez, ABS-CBN News

Oct. 24, 2014

Family and friends all came, Thursday, for the final night of the wake of slain transgender woman Jennifer Laude.

Most of those who came were transgenders, just like her.

A short program was followed by eulogies of the Laude family.

“Ako grade two lang ang tinapos, pero lalaban ako,” said Julita Laude, Jennifer Luade’s mother. “Anak ko ang pinatay, ero ako rin kayang pumatay kung magpaloko-loko saking yun Amerikano na yan.”

“Mas masakit na ililibing na nga sya yapos hindi pa humaharap yung hayup na yun,” said Michelle Laude, the victim’s sister. “Kung pwede lang ako na ang pumatay so kanya, di bale nang makulong ako mapaghiganti lang kita.”

There was an overwhelming sense of grief and anger over what the Laude family believes is government’s inability to bring them justice. But more than that, the Luades are hurt by those quick to judge Jennifer.

“Pinakamasakit na namatayan ka na nga hinuhusgahan pa,” said Michelle Laude.

“Hindi ganyang klaseng bakla ang auntie ko,” said Aron Mahait, Jennifer Luade’s nephew.

Friday morning, Jennifer’s body was brought to the funeral parlor then to the church, where final blessings were given.

It was also here where German fiancé Marc Sueselbeck bade her goodbye.

Jennifer’s sister Marilou also publicly apologized over Wednesday’s incident, when the family stormed Camp Aguinaldo. She also pleaded to the Foreign Affairs Department, to seek custody of the suspect, American soldier Joseph Scott Pemberton.

“Para umusad na ang husisya,” said Michelle.

The Laude family says their quest to bring Jennifer justice will not end with her funeral.

The family has already asked the United States government to provide them samples of Pemberton’s DNA and to compel the U.S. Marine to attend the preliminary investigation on Monday.

The Commission on Human Rights meanwhile says it will conduct a parallel probe on Jennifer’s killing.

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  • kikay Pang0
    25 October 2014 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Jennifer’s request … engrave her name Jenny to her tombstone and Talia as her last name .