Failed subway terror attack in NYC injures 3; suspect in custody

NEW YORK CITY — An explosion rocked New York City’s early morning commute – temporarily shutting down subway lines and the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd street and 8th avenue – just a stone’s throw from the very busy Times Square.

The city closed down streets around the busiest bus terminal in the world, with about a quarter of a million passengers daily.

The explosion came from a 27-year-old ISIS sympathizer who prematurely set off a pipe bomb strapped to his body. He appeared to be making his way through Port Authority.

Police named the suspect as Akayed Ullah of Brooklyn, New York.

Ullah came to the US with his parents from Bangladesh in 2011.

Ullah was accused of detonating an improvised explosive in a crowded bus terminal during rush hour. Ullah suffered severe burns and wounds, while three others suffered minor injuries.

“Without getting into too many specifics, the device is based on a pipe bomb. It was affixed to his person with a combination of velcro and zip ties. The bomb squad is in the process now, along with the FBI special agent bomb technicians, processing that crime scene with with others,” said John Miller, deputy of the NY commission of intelligence & counterterrorism. “They’re going to gather up those pieces, and we’ll have a better idea of what the device was put together with and what was inside it.”

Rommel Lavarias is among the commuters stuck at the terminal until bus departure gates re-opened. He was waiting for a bus to Washington DC.

“It’s unfortunately one of those we face as New Yorkers, kind of like day in and day out, it’s like the fourth or fifth we had this fall season,” he said.

While New Yorkers have accepted the fact that the Empire city will always be in the crosshairs of terrorists, Lavarias says it’s not going to stop him from living his life.

“It’s always gonna be dangerous, I mean ever since like 9/11, you’ve always like known the risk here. Absolutely not, if it stops you from living your life, you’ve effectively let somebody else win.”

Reports says while the bombing suspect claimed not to have any direct contacts with known terror groups, he told investigators that he was inspired by ISIS to carry out such an attack which fortunate for commuters – it failed.

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  • Mario
    11 December 2017 at 5:55 pm - Reply

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